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Enriching the Family Legacy

Typical Steward Concerns

Family Governance

Health and Well Being

Asset Preservation

The Steward Family

Both in their 70s, Stew and Stacy have managed their wealth wisely.  Their estate consists of substantial securities holdings, a variety of rental properties, a working business, significant personal assets (cars, boats, homes, etc.) and other liquid holdings.

Their children and their families are of the age where their individual paths are established and varied.  Some are financially stable while others are less so.

 As they consider their Legacy, Stew and Stacy have a fervent desire to treat all of their children equally, but find it difficult to determine how to do that. Their biggest fears include having the outright gifts they give cause an entitlement mentality and drive a wedge between the children.

Further, their estate tax liability is at the 40% rate. Although they have utilized a life insurance policy as a tactic to offset a portion of the tax liability, their present health precludes them from acquiring more.

To compound the confusion, their most trusted adviser retired suddenly and could no longer be reached.

The Impact of Superior Planning

With their key adviser suddenly missing, Stew and Stacy asked their estate planning attorney for a recommendation of a resource to help improve their situation. The attorney recommended Superior Planning. Once the family checked references, met with the staff and was comfortable, the team got to work. Having collaborated in the past, the estate attorney and the Superior Planning staff pulled together the rest of the family advisers and developed a strategy for success.

The results of the strategic planning and implementation have been nothing short of remarkable. Rather than treat their situation as a typical estate plan, Superior Planning utilized the proprietary Family Legacy Plan™, to help them re-organize the estate. The new plan reduced the family estate tax liability by several million dollars. It also called for the family to schedule and hold a family business meeting and a family governance meeting.

The new family board, with Stew and Stacy in as chairs, and the children as board members, is now operational; and, the family enterprise is positioned to thrive for generations to come. Among the board’s first decisions was to engage Superior Planning to implement the Family Office Program™ in order to maintain the plan and update it as things progress. Among the benefits are that future income taxes and estate taxes are projected to be lower. And, each member of the family is now involved in family matters more than ever. Also, Stew and Stacy no longer fear that the children may be growing apart or that any of them will be treated unfairly.

Video Series

Designed for Stewards, Four Steps to Family Wealth, addresses your particular needs and concerns during this part of your financial journey. Watch this short video series and learn about them today!

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