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Two people fall in love. A family is born.

Romantic love is the foundation. Your family wealth grows from that love, your collective wisdom, and the money you earn together.


The way you spend your time and money is a reflection of what you value most.

As a family fiduciary, you lead the way with your values, vision, and goals, guiding your loved ones to new levels of emotional, intellectual, and economic growth.

"Most families get rich on purpose."

Buddy Thomas - President, Chief Planning Officer

Are you a family fiduciary?

Protecting and growing family wealth is as much about helping family members develop individually - and as a unit - as it is about building the family financial enterprise.

What is a family fiduciary? A family fiduciary is a steward of family wealth. The family fiduciary is ultimately responsible for the protection and growth of the family's wealth - the money as well as the love and wisdom - for today and the generations to come.

Are you a family fiduciary? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are a family fiduciary. Do you:

  • Feel grateful and responsible for your good fortune?
  • Make major financial and non-financial decisions on behalf of your family?
  • Face a major life event/transaction (retirement, sale of a business/property, marriage/divorce, death/disability of spouse/other family member)?
  • Coordinate the efforts of your professional advisors (Attorneys, CPA, etc.)?
  • Continually improve your process for pulling it all together.
  • Want to pass what you have on to do more good than harm?
  • Have a desire for your wealth to last for generations?

As your wealth increases into the millions, your family’s needs and dynamics become continuously more complex.

Each day, more and more family fiduciaries are turning to a family office to assist them with these challenges; make better decisions, save time and money, take advantage of the latest technologies and resources…and enjoy the process of grooming those who will follow, and watching them flourish.

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Growing Family Wealth


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