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Three Essential Family Wealth Strategies

When we think of the rich, we usually think of money, but we all know there's more to true wealth than money. Sustainable wealth also takes wisdom and strategic planning, particularly in the realm of family wealth strategies. We have to be smart. And what about love? Without love, life is empty! True family wealth calls for all three! Love, wisdom, and a well-crafted approach to managing and growing financial resources.

You may ponder, “How about two out of the three?” Well, I've seen people with both love and money, but they’re not wise in their financial decisions. Then, some have wisdom and money but lack the warmth of love. Those people are just unhappy. And, then there are people with love and wisdom, but not enough money to secure their family's future. Those people are living in a constant financial crisis.

So, yes. It takes all three: love, wisdom, and a strategic focus on family wealth strategies

Family Wealth Strategy #1: Love


A family often begins with two individuals in love, leading to the creation of a family unit. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that the sustainability of a family surpasses just romantic love. Authentic love, characterized by genuine care, unwavering commitment, and profound compassion, lays the cornerstone of a family's enduring values and effective family wealth strategies.

I encountered a couple in my professional journey, a husband and wife whose love story extended beyond their bond, encompassing hard work and the accumulation of wealth through thoughtful family wealth strategies. However, despite their efforts, the essence of their connection eluded their adult children, and perhaps animosity festered between them. When the father passed away, the responsibility of caring for the mother fell upon the offspring.

Without the authentic love that forms the bedrock of familial bonds, the siblings found themselves in disputes ranging from financial matters to investment strategies and caregiving responsibilities. The absence of love became a catalyst for their familial disintegration. Eventually, they resorted to legal interventions, resulting in the dissipation of both wealth and family.

This tale underscores a universal truth: authentic love and well-thought-out family wealth strategies are the linchpin holding our families together. Without them, the fabric of familial connections unravels, leaving behind a void that material wealth cannot fill.

Family Wealth Strategy #2: Wisdom

Wisdom serves as the vital bridge connecting the realms of love and finances, prompting us to think about its true essence and how to attain it. While the notion of wisdom often conjures images of historical figures like King Solomon or enigmatic sages, its contemporary interpretation in today's world takes various forms such as common sense, intellectual property, or applied science.

In the words of Mark Twain, "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment," illuminating the pragmatic source of wisdom. Within every family, a repository of intellectual property is amassed over time, spanning generations and encapsulating the collective wisdom derived from both favorable and adverse experiences. This reservoir becomes intricately interwoven with the family's values, shaping their perspective on life.

However, the challenge lies in focusing and channeling this wealth of familial wisdom in a manner that allows it to be readily accessed and applied when needed. Often dispersed across various aspects of life, the family's intellectual wealth is not always harnessed cohesively.

Taking inspiration from the Boy Scouts' mantra, "Be prepared," emphasizes the importance of maintaining situational readiness. By staying strategically positioned to draw upon our accumulated wisdom, families can equip themselves to make informed and judicious decisions, thereby ensuring the resilience and prosperity of their familial bonds.

Family Wealth Strategy #3: Money

The allure of money often goes unappreciated amidst its occasionally unfavorable reputation. According to Dick Wagner, a renowned Certified Financial Planner, money is hailed as "the greatest invention in the history of mankind" in his exploration of our evolving relationship with it. Described as the most civil and efficient means of value exchange, money stands as a transformative tool that has replaced the tumultuous era when capital was transferred through force, a less than aesthetically pleasing practice.

Despite its potential for greatness, the challenge lies in our understanding of how to wield money effectively and maintain its proper place in our lives. Unfortunately, many perceive money as the root of problems rather than a solution. In the contemporary landscape, our lives are increasingly intertwined with the impact of money, shaping our daily experiences and necessitating the incorporation of family wealth strategies.

To truly attain richness and happiness, a nuanced control over money, coupled with thoughtful family wealth strategies, is imperative. Acknowledging its flexibility and fungibility, money provides a sense of freedom, yet its potential danger lies in its ability to amplify our true selves and the values we hold dear. By aligning our actions with our values and harboring a respectful appreciation for money's essence, we unlock the potential to achieve greatness. Neglecting these principles can lead to unintended harm, underscoring the delicate balance required in navigating the realm of finance and family wealth strategies.

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