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Who We Are

About Our Firm


Our mission

Superior Planning, Inc. is San Diego’s leading multi-family office, serving middle-class millionaire families since 1982.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, transformational family wealth guidance and support to every suitable family possible.

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Firm characteristics

  • Privately held – Family owned to serve the entrepreneurially spirited
  • Experienced – Education, training, and decades of tenure to help you achieve your goals
  • Objective – Unbiased advice with no obligation to buy financial products*
  • Fiduciary standard – Client’s best interest at all times
  • Customized – Goals and key results tailored for each family’s unique and changing situation
  • Accountable – Periodic progress reports based on pre-agreed upon metrics
  • Attentive – Each family current situation reviewed weekly by the entire staff
  • Dedicated facility – State of the art offices and technology
  • Proprietary process – Superplan® system simplifies prudent decision-making
  • Annual engagement – Fixed, renewable retainer for each planning year

What We Do

  • Focus on specific family goals and key results
  • Comprehensive financial / estate planning and implementation
  • Integrate cash flow, portfolio, and legacy solutions
  • Establish and monitor family investment policy
  • Maintain a fiduciary standard at all times
  • Coordinate professional advisors
  • Facilitate family dynamics governance (family meetings)
  • Educate family members at their level of interest and ability
  • Adapt plans as life, events, and family situations dictate
  • Wealth management services as a no-obligation option

What We Don't Do

  • Require the purchase of financial products or asset fees
  • Fragmented or piecemeal planning or implementation
  • Work for anyone but our client families
  • Ignore family members
  • Interfere with existing trusted relationships
  • Act as trustee
  • Take discretion of client assets
  • Make clients wait
  • Concierge services (but we can help you find them)
  • Set it and forget it

Meet Our Team


Buddy Thomas, CFP, AEP

President, Chief Planning Officer


Susan Ferrari, CPA, CFE

Executive Director


Liz Thomas

Vice President, Administration Officer

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Eliminate the unknowns and move gracefully through life's most complex and challenging financial scenarios with Superior Planning Family Office by your side.