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Lessons From the Field #27:
People Plan and God Laughs

Even in ordinary times, no one can really count on what will happen next. As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • What potential family danger or opportunity (fiscal or otherwise) needs my attention?
  • Who can help me focus on it for the clarity I need to prepare?
  • When can I realistically expect to get it done?

For over a hundred years, the Boy Scout motto has been “Be Prepared”. Some things never change.

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In my former career as an air traffic controller, we were taught to prepare as a team for a variety of potential scenarios because we never knew what was going to happen.

We did know how many planes were headed our way and where they wanted to go, but we did not know who would arrive first, how close they would be together, and all the other variables like weather, and potential emergencies.

You could prepare, but you could not plan on anything…except to be ready as things unfolded.

It is a lot like running a family office in the middle of a pandemic. No one really knows what is coming next.

All you can do is adapt when the unexpected comes your way.

How prepared are you and your team for what might be next?

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