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Lessons From the Field #22:
Strategy Rules

Strategic thinking accomplishes multiple goals at the same time in a changing world. As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • How clear are my goals?
  • Who is best positioned to help me accomplish them?
  • What is our flexible strategy to get me there?

The key difference between success and failure is the way your strategic planning is done and implemented.

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When you decide to do something, you start by asking questions.

Which college should my child attend? How can I improve my investments? Where can I reduce my taxes. Who will my family turn to if I cannot function?

Most people face these kinds of issues separately with little thought to the impact they have on each other.

It might make sense, right now to leave your business to your daughter, but other variables can come into play.

What if she loses interest or becomes ill? What if your son shows an aptitude for growing the company? Strategy is complicated. It takes continuous decision making as time progresses and understanding widens.

In the words of Henry Mintzberg, “Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions.” These decisions shape your future.

How is your strategy working out?

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