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33 Ways to True Family Wealth

As your family wealth grows, so does the complexity of your family’s interpersonal and financial issues. You have only two choices in how you deal with them: reactive or proactive. Today we introduce the new series – 33 Ways to True Family Wealth – to help you better understand and prepare for what lies ahead. In today’s video you will learn:

  • The three essential elements of true family wealth
  • How each element relates to the other
  • Why being proactive is so important

Life is relentless. You can either do all you can to stay ahead of the family wealth game or not. We developed this series to provide you with some of the context and tips we found to be effective as you protect and grow your true family wealth.


There is more to family wealth than money! Of course money is important, but money alone can’t build your family or keep it together.

You also need to be smart, able to make wise decisions time after time, year after year, in good times and bad.

That’s still not enough. A family is nothing without love…

Over the years, working with hundreds of families, we have identified 33 different ways for you to grow and pass on your true family wealth.

No one way alone will get you there, but paying attention to as many of them as possible will definitely increase your chances.

We hope you enjoy the complete series of the 33 ways to true family wealth.

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