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Family Wealth Strategies: 33 Ways To True Family Wealth: Ways 6-11

When it comes to family wealth, there's far more at stake than just financial assets. While money plays a pivotal role, it alone cannot forge a resilient, united family. Your clients need to consistently make astute decisions, weathering both prosperous and challenging times. Yet, even these decisions fall short without the essential ingredient: love.

Drawing from our extensive experience with hundreds of families, we’ve pinpointed 33 key strategies for nurturing and transferring true family wealth. Although no single strategy guarantees success, embracing as many as possible will significantly boost your clients' chances.

Today, we’ll explore the next 6 strategies, 6-11, with the remaining insights shared in upcoming posts. For a refresher on Strategies 1-5, click here.

Way to True Family Wealth #6: Include the Willing


Engage family members who show genuine interest and passion, even if their initial attitude is skeptical. Inclusivity encourages participation and helps harness diverse talents and perspectives within the family.

Way to True Family Wealth #7: Set Contributory Goals


Define roles and set goals that allow each family member to contribute meaningfully. By recognizing and utilizing individual strengths, your client can create a more cohesive and productive family unit.

Way to True Family Wealth #8: Measure What Matters


Tracking relevant metrics can provide clarity and drive better decision-making. Metrics should be chosen based on what truly matters to your client’s goals and values, whether they be financial, educational, or emotional.

Way to True Family Wealth #9: Use Meaningful Metrics


Metrics should resonate with family members and drive purposeful decisions. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about tracking progress in areas that align with your client’s vision of family wealth.

Way to True Family Wealth #10: Hold Everyone Accountable


Accountability ensures that all family members contribute to and uphold the family’s values and goals. When everyone is held accountable, it fosters a sense of responsibility and commitment to the family’s well-being.

Way to True Family Wealth #11: Keep an Open Mind


Each generation brings new perspectives and ideas that can enrich the family's wealth. Being open to new ideas and willing to adapt can help the family grow and thrive in changing times.

This blog post covers Ways 6 - 11 of 33 Ways to True Family Wealth, emphasizing the importance of love, wisdom, leadership, and inclusivity in building and preserving true family wealth. Stay tuned for the next installment, where we'll explore more strategies to help your family thrive.

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