Advisor Collaboration

With well-organized teamwork, wonderful things can be achieved.



Unintentional Complexity Model

Family Office Model

Most families have a trusted advisor or two they depend upon for guidance when developing plans, and making important decisions.

They may turn to their CPA for tax planning; attorney for estate planning; banker for loans or cash flow advice; and, a wealth manager for investments and insurance.

All are extremely important in their individual specialty. However, rarely is a team coordinated by a third party that has the expertise and experience to do so and also has a complete understanding of the family’s values, vision, and goals.

The advantages of an orchestrated advisory team to the family are considerable. They are similar to the benefits one might enjoy from working with a general contractor who is adept at getting things done on time and under budget.

An experienced facilitator will keep the family wealth planning process moving to the completion of each goal. Acting as the center point of all planning and implementation activity, the effective “family office” Planning Officer can make the experience easier, more fun and also save the family time and money.

Superior Planning is committed and configured to fill the role of “family office” as a core competency. Working directly and in concert with the other members of the advisory team, Superior Planning facilitates a “mastermind” exercise among the family and advisory team members for the purpose of gathering and organizing the best alternative ideas and strategies.

The “mastermind” exercise is designed to produce the most positive outcomes possible for each family beyond what any one firm could manufacture alone. Also, the specialists, by working together, raise their awareness of the family situation positioning them to operate with an even higher level of effectiveness in the future.

Working with an advisory team coordinator such as Superior Planning allows each specialist to concentrate on their area of specialization as it relates to the plan as a whole. Without the burden of managing the team, they are free to interact with the other team members and focus on the client’s dangers and opportunities. With each specialist devoting their efforts to the manner in which their contribution adds to the integrity of the plan as a whole, the likelihood of superior results is greatly increased. Also, working with other specialist as part of an organized team enhances the relationships between team members and their ability to work together in the future.