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Adjusting, Thriving and Writing the Next Chapter

Typical Survivor Concerns

Personal Independence

Estate Settlement

Asset Transfer

The Survivor Family

Sam and Sue, both in their 70’s, had worked diligently to build a successful, flourishing real estate business. Though they had done extensive estate planning, when Sam passed away suddenly, Sue was overwhelmed by the tasks she faced.

Settling the estate was onerous. She and Sam had always made big decisions together. They were a good team.

Arranging for expensive appraisals, managing Sam’s responsibilities as well as her own, meeting with accountants, attorneys, insurance agents and investment brokers, and dealing

with a relentless number of decisions and huge amount of paperwork was almost more than she could handle. And, to make matters worse, it all happened while dealing with sporadic, debilitating waves of grief.

Though her three sons were there for support and advice, they didn’t always agree. Sue knew it was in her and her family’s best interest for her to work her way through the transition.

The Impact of Superior Planning

Even with the best of estate plans, settling an estate is a major undertaking. A long-time friend introduced Sue to Superior Planning. After an introductory meeting, it became obvious that Sue would benefit from Superior Planning’s Widow’s Bridge® Program.

The program is designed specifically to assist a surviving spouse in making the transition as successor trustee from the time of their loss, through the estate settlement process, to the funding of the trusts. By following this proven methodology, facilitated by our experienced staff, she now has a coordinated advisory team working together on her behalf.

Sue, while still healing from her grief, is in control, making confident, informed decisions leading to her own clear vision of the next chapter of her and her family’s future.

Video Series

Designed for Survivors, the Four Steps to Family Wealth, addresses your particular needs and concerns during this part of your financial journey. Watch this short video series and learn about them today!



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