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Your Values. Your Vision. Your Goals.®

Life is a journey about growing and changing and carrying on.

Successful families follow a definitive cycle to financial security and beyond.  Each stage on the continuum brings specific dangers to avoid and opportunities to seize.

Identifying where you are right now within this cycle can give you a clear perspective for making important, wealth-building decisions.

What stage most resembles your position today?

What Families Say About Their Journeys

“We thought we had a pretty good life plan in place, but we were concerned because our business lives were so demanding. We felt we weren’t paying as much attention to our personal goals as we should. It is amazing how much we were missing, and how much more progress we are making in our regular meetings with Superior Planning. Before, we often felt like we were scrambling to catch up. Now we are much more organized and in control.”

“After we sold the business there was plenty of money. What we didn’t realize was that protecting and growing our wealth is different from making it. Now, we have an investment policy that includes all of our assets; and, the staff at Superior Planning is helping us stay on top of our situation. This gives us much more clarity and confidence for making all kinds of family decisions. Rather than being defensive,we are looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.”

“Now that our children are grown they have their own situations and life’s challenges. We want to help them, but we also want to be fair. Since some of them are better equipped than others, it isn’t always easy. The planning we have done and the family meetings we have had with Superior Planning have made a big difference in all of our lives. Not only are we doing what we can for each of them, but we are all interacting more as a family.”

“Even though we thought we were prepared when my husband passed away after a long illness, it was still devastating. How can anyone prepare for the grief? And, settling his estate was far more expensive and tedious than we could have imagined. My children were very supportive; almost too much so since my independence is very important to me. Superior Planning helped me lay out a path and plan to follow through the transition; and, they were there to support me every step of the way.”

“The loss of our parents over the past few years has changed our worlds. Over the years they built the wealth and held us together. With them gone it was up to us to carry on, but we had the competing interests of separate lives and families of our own. Our parents had worked with Superior Planning so we knew we could trust them. They made the process of settling our parent’s estate and creating our individual plans as seamless as possible. Today our parent’s legacy is intact, and each of us is building upon what they have given us.”

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