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Widow's Bridge: 8 Dilemmas of a Surviving Spouse


Imagine life without your spouse!

Statistics show 80% of the time the husband passes first…so it’s usually the widow who carries on.

No matter who survives, there is no way to prepare for what psychologists call:”… the most difficult emotional, financial, and social readjustment of all.”

In our research for the book, “The Coming Widow Boom” we discovered three fears and five tasks every surviving spouse must face.

Almost immediately the fears of losing your independence; not having enough income; and being unable to help those you love…set in.

At the same time you must also grieve, settle your spouse’s estate, control your cash flow, manage your investments, and finalize your own estate plan.

This two year process, from the date of death until you’re functioning at your best again in your new normal is what we call …the widow’s bridge.

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