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Your Values. Your Vision. Your Goals.®

Family money. Family dynamics.

A dedicated family office staff and facilities give you control of the process of protecting and growing your wealth, and a way to keep family members connected.

Family Office

“Structure not only increases our chance of success; it makes us more efficient at it.”
– Marshall Goldsmith

Your need for advice changes over time. At first, you can do most things yourself. As your family wealth grows, your financial and interpersonal affairs require more oversight, coordination and administration.

How a Family Office Works

“Every family office is unique, but their underlying function is universal.”
– Buddy Thomas, Founder, Chief Planning Officer, Superior Planning, Inc.

A family office is a multi-generational lynchpin uniting the family dynamics with the family money. The ultimate role of a purposeful family office is the sustainability of an integrated family and financial legacy consistent with the family’s collective values, vision, and goals.

Without a Family Office

With a Family Office

Advisor Coordination

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.”
– Napoleon Hill

Why Coordinate?

Your family depends on a variety of trusted advisors when developing plans and making important decisions (attorneys, accountants, bankers, wealth managers, real estate brokers, insurance agents, etc.). Each professional concentrates on their specialty and coordinates with the others as necessary.  Your family office can take a more proactive approach.

Benefits to your family:

Your family, through your family office, enjoys the advantages of an orchestrated advisory team like those of a general contractor; centralized oversight and cooperation that assures everyone’s best ideas, and all is done well, in the proper sequence, on time, and within budget.

Benefits to your advisors:

Your family office as a third-party coordinator frees each specialist to bring all their knowledge and experience to bear and focus on their field to develop, design, and implement their aspect of your complete plan in concert with other members of the advisory team. Working closely together over time can also improve their relationships with each other, and the integrity of the plan in the years ahead.

Those who have a family office see it as an extension of themselves. An experienced team of devoted professionals, dedicated to helping their family get along and systematically plan, execute, and prosper in line with their family’s unique values, vision, and goals. Superior Planning provides that experienced team of devoted professionals, a proven process, the Superplan®, and state-of-the-art facilities and technology to bring the families we serve personalized strategic family wealth guidance at a cost-effective price.

Integrated Investing

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”
– Warren Buffett

Two Ways to Invest

The goal of investing is to protect and grow your assets.  A major role of a family office is helping you determine where, when, and how to invest.  This can be done with numerous managers operating independently, or in an integrated effort with specific benchmarks, performance that can be tracked, and results that can be measured.

Numerous Investment Policies

Managing a single securities account is challenging enough.  Most families today have many (401k’s, IRA’s, LLC’s, personal accounts, trust accounts, etc.), each with their own investment policy which can be confusing and lead to unnecessary costs, investment gaps and overlap, and increased portfolio risk.  Such complexity calls for simplified oversight.

One Master Investment Policy

The family office is perfectly positioned to help you establish, implement, and follow a Master Investment Policy.  A written statement  that considers all your investment accounts, integrated in a way for you to focus on your specific objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, tax implications, inflation assumption, performance expectation, and investment philosophy.

Benefits to You

Your customized Master Investment Policy Statement is your guide to confident investing, giving you the clarity you need to control the process and make the most informed decisions possible, while measuring your progress every step of the way with a higher likelihood of reaching your goals.

Is a Family Office Right for You?

It is if you answer “yes” to any of the below questions.

Do you:

  • Feel responsible to organize your family’s affairs and get things done?
  • Tend to financial matters in a way to make careful, purposeful decisions?
  • Collaborate with family members on the future of the family?
  • Oversee the well-being of each family member and the family as a unit?
  • Rely on the advice of a variety of trusted professionals?
  • Plan for those who would fill your role in your absence?
  • Continuously look for a better way?

A family office pays for itself in two ways:

  • Continually saving you both time and money by eliminating unnecessary expenses and waste and coordinating your advisory team, and
  • Equally as important, enriching your family dynamics with more relevant and enjoyable planned interaction.

Those who have a family office see it as an extension of themselves.  Superior Planning provides an experienced team of devoted professionals, a proven process – the Superplan®, and state of the art facilities and technology to bring the families we serve personalized strategic family wealth guidance at a cost effective price.


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