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Your Values. Your Vision. Your Goals.®

Deliberate Planning. Predictable results.

Strategic family wealth planning and implementation requires continuous attention and a dependable process.

Superplan® Advantage

“Everyone has a process, almost no one writes it down.”
– Dan Sullivan

Plan, execute, prosper, repeat. The Superplan® Advantage is designed to pinpoint and help you overcome your family’s unique challenges every step of the way to realizing your goals.

The Superplan®

Strategic Family Wealth Guidance

Developed over the past five decades through practical, real life application and continuous improvement, the Superplan® is the combination of six powerful principles working together.

Objective Advice

Proven Process

Family Engagement

Coordinated Advisors

Tangible Value

What’s Next?

Objective Advice


Your Superplan® enables you to pay attention to what matters most to your family (values, vision, and goals) while providing a big-picture perspective on each decision you make.

Superior Planning’s fixed annual retainer mitigates the conflicts of interests typically associated with investment selection and family wealth advice. As your family office, our firm helps you develop unbiased best-alternative strategies for your financial life (cash flow, portfolio, and legacy) planning needs.

Proven Process


Introduced in the 1980s as a method to consolidate and simplify family wealth planning, the Superplan® process has evolved into the comprehensive family wealth oversight and administration system it is today.

In addition to interacting with you regularly, the Superior Planning staff reviews your family’s current situation weekly. This continuous diligence positions you to focus, decide, and act upon all your important issues in a timely, effective manner.

Family Engagement


True family wealth is a healthy balance of the love your family members have for each other, your collective wisdom, and the money and resources you have at your disposal. Integrating family finances and family dynamics into one system, your Superplan® provides a natural forum for family communication.

The program’s purpose is to support you as the family fiduciary in an ongoing conversation that is educational to all; while enhancing the continuity of your family enterprise today and in the years to come.

Coordinated Advisors


Your family depends on specialists to deal with the technical aspects of your wealth. Attorneys, accountants, bankers, investment, insurance, real estate and other professionals all focus on their areas of expertise, rarely working together, with you as the sole coordinator.

The Superplan® program puts you in control of the process of identifying the threats and opportunities your trusted experts discover, and integrates their efforts efficiently in a way to save you time and money, and reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes.

Tangible Value


Measuring the impact of your financial plan is essential to determine how you are progressing toward your objectives. Every Superplan® provides regular reports with detailed metrics and parameters.

Progress toward each of your stated cash flow, portfolio, and legacy goals is measured in a way to determine both the hard dollar and personal benefits of your planning and implementation efforts. Though not guaranteed, the typical annual return on the retainer you pay is planned to exceed the cost.

Superplan® Results

When it comes to family wealth planning, there is no one size fits all. Your Superplan® is customized based on your specific concerns and your family’s unique values and vision.

Fragmented, short-term plans are transactional. Your Superplan® is comprehensive and for the long run, a healthy balance of your financial and family dynamic activities.

Goals are like magnets. The catalyst to your Superplan® is a list of your most important lifestyle cash flow, investment portfolio, and legacy goals; and your commitment to realize them.

Spending more than you have is unsustainable. A vital aspect of your Superplan® is regular reporting, monitoring, and analysis of all lifestyle income sources and expenses.

Quality portfolios do not just happen. Your key to selecting, monitoring, and managing the most appropriate investments is your Superplan® Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

The IRS is ok with you overpaying taxes. To assure your tax bill is as low as legally possible, proactive tax reduction is a continuous component of your Superplan® process.

No plan is ever finished. Because your family dynamics and finances, and the economic environment are constantly in flux your Superplan® team appraises your situation weekly.

Planning without action is futile. The timely, efficient execution to act on your decisions, as well as the follow up necessary to assure completion are essential steps in your Superplan®.

Every family is dysfunctional in one way or another. Your Superplan® is an ideal communication tool to demonstrate what you value and educate those you love.

Estate planning is more than documents. Implementing the intentional passing of your family’s wisdom and money to those you love is an essential pursuit of your Superplan®.

What’s Next?


Every plan has goals. The first step in the Superplan® process is to define what you want to accomplish. Thereafter, the program is devoted to assisting you in focusing, deciding and acting on the best strategies, tactics, and tools possible to get you there.

Your Superplan® is your path to realizing your vision for your family and your wealth. The process is designed to do all that is possible to get you what you want today and position you to set new goals and achieve more in the future.

“My (adult) children have talked more with each other during the first year of this process than they have in the past 10 years.”
– Superior Planning Client Family Patriarch

Peace of mind, lower risk, more fun, better results, greater impact, and continuous progress.

The Superplan® Advantage is best suited for entrepreneurial family leaders (family fiduciaries) responsible for assets that exceed $10M.

Benefits to You

Just as the very super rich expect significant returns on the investments in their family offices, you should expect the same from yours. Some potential benefits include:

  • Clarity – Discussing your desired results in an objective, big-picture context beforehand with an experienced facilitator helps you discover, crystallize and communicate your vision and purpose to your advisory team members.
  • Saves Time – A family office that knows who you are, what you want and how to speak the language of your advisory team members can interact in an efficient, timely manner.
  • Saves Money – An experienced family office team, capable of communicating with all the various specialists, in their language, can dramatically reduce unnecessary fees and costs.
  • Better Results – A synchronized team of specialists, collaborating in an organized manner, builds upon the individual strengths of each member. Such synergy has proven to be the most effective method available to solve complex problems and develop creative alternatives.
  • More Fun – Our clients tell us they like doing things this way. It gives them a feeling of control and understanding that moving from specialist to specialist lacks. When faced with clearer choices, the good and bad choices are more obvious leading to more confident, less stressful decision making.

The Firm

Superior Planning, Inc. is San Diego’s leading multi-family office, serving middle-class millionaire families since 1982. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, transformational family wealth guidance and support to every suitable family possible.



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