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Lessons From the Field #4: Pandemics Mean Business

It is rare when an outside force affects your life enough to dictate a major change.  As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • What is happening in my world right now that I did not plan on?
  • Where is it taking me and my family?
  • How proactive am I being about dealing with it?

As a family fiduciary, your loved ones look to you for the courage and confidence to guide them through difficult times like these.

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You may be done with the pandemic, but the pandemic is not done with you.

This is no time to let down your guard.

Over the past four months, families we know have been faced with adjusting living arrangements, canceling vacations, postponing retirement, delaying relocation, being furloughed, losing real estate tenants, and closing and reopening their businesses…and it appears we are just getting started.

From politics to new health initiatives to industry shakeups, the paradigm continues to shift. When you proactively take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your community you take the lead.

This new world has illustrated on a macro level, that things do not always go our way… adjustments must be made.

What adjustments are you thinking about?

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