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Lessons From the Field #37:
Borrower's Paradise

For the first time in history some interest rates are so low you can almost borrow for free! As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • How much above current market rates am I paying in interest on my loans?
  • Where might there be other opportunities for me to take advantage of today’s low rates?
  • What lending am I doing that has more risk than return?

Major changes in the interest rate environment create a variety of potential dangers and opportunities. This is no time to be asleep at the wheel.

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The cost of borrowing money is at its lowest rate in my lifetime… and I’ve been around a while.

The economist Mark Grant calls it “a borrower’s paradise and a lender’s hell.”

Almost everyone I know with a mortgage is re-financing their house.

On the other side, real interest rates on government bonds after deducting inflation are now below zero, which means you get back less than you put in. And corporate bonds aren’t much better.

Understanding the implications of this phenomenon is very difficult.

To take advantage of this situation, you must make a paradigm shift. Borrowing is easy. But investing for income is much more difficult making comprehensive research and planning more important than ever.

How are you adapting to this new world order?

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