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Lessons From the Field #35:
You Are Your Legacy

People remember you by the way you live your life and what you do with what you are given. As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • What matters most to me?
  • How am I doing so far in maximizing the resources I have?
  • Where are my opportunities for more love, service, and additional growth?

Each day presents you with the potential to do all you can for your family and the world. Your legacy will be what remains when your work is through.

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Daniel Scott wrote, “your children are not your legacy…even your legacy plan is not your legacy.”

He added, “You and the life you live by choice or by happenstance is the legacy you will ultimately leave behind.”

A close friend of mine died recently and I passed on the sad news to several of his clients and colleagues.

He was a devoted family man and a great attorney.

But rather than remarking about his estate and the wonderful work he did, the overwhelming response from those he served had much more to do with the way he lived his life and how he treated each of them.

Every day, through his actions and his words, he embodied a fine man worthy of a meaningful legacy.

If you died last week what would your legacy be today?

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