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Lessons From the Field #24:
Your Fortune is in Your Follow Through

Newton’s first law, an object stays in motion unless acted on by outside force, also applies to building family wealth. As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • What plans have I initiated to make my family’s future brighter?
  • How are they working out?
  • Where can I improve on them to keep them moving and increase the likelihood of success?

Newton’s second law, force multiplied by time equals momentum, makes follow through a simple matter of basic physics.

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In a baseball pitch or a family wealth plan it is important to follow through for maximum effect.

You are ultimately responsible to prepare your family for a brighter future.

We have all heard of people who set up trusts for their children with good intentions only for them to end up with an entitlement mentality and ruined lives.

You cannot just set it and forget it. Working with client families, we first identify their goals, then create a plan and steps to bring that plan to life.

Whether it is quarterly meetings with your kids to keep them up to speed or regular check-ins with your financial team to ensure everything is getting done right, it is essential to your success to maintain purposeful, consistent actions.

How is your follow through?

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