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Lessons From the Field #18:
The Situation Dictates the Solution

There are no past answers when it comes to making family financial decisions in a rapidly changing world. As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • Which of my specific financial strengths can I always count on?
  • In what areas of my finances am I most vulnerable?
  • How can I simultaneously protect myself and succeed amid today’s turmoil?

The fact that life is relentless and keeps coming at you is nothing new; you can count on it. The difference in any outcome is how you utilize your experience and wisdom to your advantage.

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The main premise of Judo…using your opponent’s weight against him… can only be accomplished in the moment…but you cannot go into it without knowing what you are doing.

Winning at martial arts and developing family wealth both call for understanding your strengths and weaknesses and accurately assessing the situation…before you get in the game.

Your values, your vision, your goals, your risk tolerance, your time horizons, and the makeup of your family are unique to you.

Success comes from leveraging your position in a world that continually becomes more complex presenting you with a variety of opportunities and challenges. When you know what you are facing, you are ready to act in crucial moments to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

What else should you know…before you make your next move?

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