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Four Steps to Family Wealth

Family wealth doesn’t just happen. Every truly wealthy family I have met had a plan and a process to follow on their road to good fortune. As you watch today’s 55 seconds, you may want to ask yourself:

  • How is my wealth building process working compared to what else is possible?
  • Where can I streamline my activities for better results?
  • To whom can I turn to point out my blind spots and support me in reaching my goals?

Following these four basic steps over and over again can go a long way to building wealth on purpose.


Most families get rich on purpose. Those who build true wealth commit to a mission of delivering value and they persist until it happens.

It’s not human nature to know the future because it’s basically a guessing game. Planning for something yet to happen calls for vision. We have to see it. Values, we’ve got to believe it and feel it. And goals, we have to commit and measure our progress.

But planning alone isn’t enough. We have to execute. The Nike commercial says, “Just do it!” That’s still not enough.

Very few of us get anything right the first time. Doing it calls for monitoring, adapting, and doing it again until we get it right. And we’re still not done. Getting there, wherever there is is fun, but it begs the question, “What next?” It’s really never over.

Plan, execute, prosper, repeat. That’s how you get rich.

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