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Family Fiduciary Secret #7:
You Get What You Pay For

By its very nature, a financial plan should more than pay for itself. In today’s secret you will learn:

  • Why it is important to pay for your financial plan.
  • How the results of your planning can be measured by your goal achievement.
  • What you can expect as a reasonable return on the cost of your plan.

You would not build a house without paying for detailed construction drawings. Why would you build your family wealth any other way?

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Each family has a customized price — it’s kind of a value pricing model. We go through a three-step process with every new family that we are interested in and who are also interested in us.

We begin by spending some time together and getting to know each other.

Then we go through a discovery process where we can ask all of the questions we need to ask to see if or how we can help. And then they can ask all the questions they want about how it all works, how much it costs, other related items, and what they should expect as far as a return on their annual retainer.

And then at the third meeting is where we actually get down and get into our agreement and go over the goals we are trying to accomplish; and where we actually quantify how much value we see that is possible during that first year.

Our return on retainer in the studies we have done has been about three times the retainer that they pay us. We find that in hard dollars during that first year and then at the end of the year, we give them a report that shows them how that works.

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