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Family Fiduciary Secret #1:
You Have to Start Somewhere

The idea of a family office for the moderately wealthy was a new concept when Superior Planning began. In today’s video, you will learn:

  • How and when the financial planning industry got started.
  • A few advantages of continuous, coordinated advice.
  • Where you as family fiduciary might benefit from your own family office.

Seeing our own family not only survive but thrive through a major transition made us realize the same could be true for other families facing similar life events; thus, Superior Planning was born. Today, nearly forty years and 100 families later, we are still here to serve you.

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We started the firm back in the early ’80s. At that time, people were just starting to have personal trainers and coaches and reaching out for help with guidance. There was really no such thing as wealth managers and financial planning was just getting started.

It seemed to me that if you would hire somebody to do their exercises or if you would hire somebody to help you with whatever it is you wanted to do, why wouldn’t you hire somebody to help you with your personal finances?

So that’s how it all started; it was back in Cleveland. I had just gotten my certified financial planner designation and I realized that there was a lot of power in this planning process. So that would bring it out and make it available to a number of families. I’m very family oriented and right around that time, my family was transitioning because my dad had retired and he turned the family business over to my youngest brother.

My youngest brother and our other brother (who’s a CPA) and I worked on transitioning this company from the way my dad was doing it to the way my younger brother was doing it. Because we had a team to make the transition and I was following a planning process, it really helped us smooth out that transition.

So I thought that there might be a market for this kind of planning out in the world.

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