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Your Values. Your Vision. Your Goals.®

Tangible Value

When it comes to family wealth planning, there is no one size fits all. Your Superplan® is customized based on your specific concerns and your family’s unique values and vision.

Fragmented, short-term plans are transactional. Your Superplan® is comprehensive and for the long run, a healthy balance of your financial and family dynamic activities.

Goals are like magnets. The catalyst to your Superplan® is a list of your most important lifestyle cash flow, investment portfolio, and legacy goals; and your commitment to realize them.

Spending more than you have is unsustainable. A vital aspect of your Superplan® is regular reporting, monitoring, and analysis of all lifestyle income sources and expenses.

Quality portfolios do not just happen. Your key to selecting, monitoring, and managing the most appropriate investments is your Superplan® Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

The IRS is ok with you overpaying taxes. To assure your tax bill is as low as legally possible, proactive tax reduction is a continuous component of your Superplan® process.

No plan is ever finished. Because your family dynamics and finances, and the economic environment are constantly in flux your Superplan® team appraises your situation weekly.

Planning without action is futile. The timely, efficient execution to act on your decisions, as well as the follow up necessary to assure completion are essential steps in your Superplan®.

Every family is dysfunctional in one way or another. Your Superplan® is an ideal communication tool to demonstrate what you value and educate those you love.

Estate planning is more than documents. Implementing the intentional passing of your family’s wisdom and money to those you love is an essential pursuit of your Superplan®.

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