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Family Offices Don’t Just Happen

Family Offices Don’t Just Happen

by Buddy Thomas

As more and more families realize the time and money savings, big-picture decision making, and peace of mind advantages of engaging a modern day family office, the demand for the service has outpaced the supply. After all, where can you find:

  • A reliable firm with a proven track record that will be there for you today and for your family tomorrow if you are not around, with
  • An experienced staff who come to know you and your family well enough that they can support you in making your important family wealth decisions; and,
  • A comprehensive planning system that works, is easy to understand, and flexible enough to adapt to your family’s needs in good times and bad; that,
  • Includes and coordinates your current advisors and can help find those advisors you may now need but have yet to meet?

It’s important to know that such firms exist. However, identifying the one that is right for you is simply not that easy. You won’t hear them knocking on your door. Developing the kind of trust you will need doesn’t work like that.

You may want to begin by asking the advisors you already know and trust who they might recommend. Then it’s up to you to check them out to get a feel for how they’ll fit.

Take your time. Relationships like this are rare, but like everything else of value, whatever you have to do to establish and build it is well worth the effort.

Buddy Thomas is Founder and Chief Planning Officer of Superior Planning. He can be reached at

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