Earning and Building Family Wealth

Typical Accumulator Concerns

Family Time

Lifestyle Income

Asset Accumulation

The Accumulator Family

Alan and Ann are committed to build upon their profitable business model. Together they spend the bulk of their time either at work or raising their children. Life is extremely busy. The demands of their growing company continually call for more and more of their time and capital.

The balance between work and family life is a constant challenge; but one they feel fortunate to have. The proceeds from business profits are significant. However, the dual, variable cash flow needs of both family and business have required the extensive use of credit lines, a habit originating from the early days of operating on a “shoestring”.

Though both are healthy, they sometimes think of the possibility of a debilitating event taking either of them out of the day to day operation of family or business life, which could be catastrophic. They also suspect there is something else they could be doing to assure a more direct route to their goals of a having a professionally managed company, more family time, and financial independence.

The Impact of Superior Planning

Alan and Ann’s CPA of many years was concerned about their situation and that they might continue to delay the strategic personal planning necessary to get them to where they wanted to be.

In working with other Superior Planning clients, the CPA was aware of the benefits and proposed a meeting for the two to find common ground. Realizing that the circumstances of not having investable assets or cash flow to commit to outside investment products were not attractive to the typical wealth manager, Alan and Ann were skeptical, but took the meeting in deference to their CPA’s advice.

Alan and Ann were pleasantly surprised to find an attentive ear and a firm capable of assisting them in realizing their vision and attaining their goals. They found that, utilizing the Wealth Management Program™ methodology pioneered by Superior Planning saved them time, money, and increased the likelihood of getting what they wanted sooner.

Their plan included coordinating their current and projected business and personal cash flow, with strategic debt reduction; while, simultaneously addressing their risk management and estate planning needs. During the process they told us that before we met they were not aware such comprehensive services were available and that they thanked their CPA for pointing them in the right direction.

Video Series

Designed for Accumulators, The Six Killers of Family Wealth, addresses your particular needs and concerns during this part of your financial journey. Watch this short video series and learn about them today!