Four Steps to Family Wealth Videos

Nobody wants to plan! It’s too nebulous and it takes too long. Planning can make us anxious. We feel we’re wasting time instead of doing something or we get stuck searching for more information.

Or sometimes we think we can’t get there from here and we’re paralyzed by analysis trying to determine the best way. So we avoid it or shoot from the hip. Neither way gets us what we want.

Winston Churchill said, “The plan is nothing. The planning is everything.”

Planning doesn’t have to be painful. It can be empowering.

We worked with an eighty-year-old who came to us to do an estate plan. As we got into the process, he realized the magnitude and implications of what his plan would do for his family. As the plan developed, he would say, “This is exciting!”

Focusing on the future, doing something to make life better for others, planning, can be exciting and fruitful at any age.