Wealth Management Program

Wisdom is putting a process between opportunity and decision.



Δ Family Time
Δ Lifestyle Income
Δ Asset Accumulation


Successful wealth accumulation is usually the result of personal responsibility and discipline. The Wealth Management Program™ is designed with the accumulator in mind.

This structured process is the very foundation for asset growth and protection today and in the future. Around this program, which includes a Family Wealth Audit™ and Master Investment Policy™, all other plans and programs are built.

Once established, this core competency enables a family to focus on and enrich their values, vision and goals. Even the longest journey begins with a single step. The Wealth Management Program™ provides all a family needs to get off on the right foot.

Superior Planning Plans and Programs provide unbiased advice and implementation services for a mutually agreed upon fixed-price. Unlike most financial advisors, there is never an obligation to buy or invest in any other financial products or services. For more information, or to discuss how one of our Plans or Programs may work for you, please Contact Us directly.