The Widow’s Bridge Program

Wisdom is putting a process between opportunity and decision.



Δ Personal Independence
Δ Estate Settlement
Δ Asset Transfer


The first of its kind, the Widow’s Bridge® program provides a definitive, emotional and financial path and plan for a surviving spouse to make the transition to a new life.

This eight step, two year process, from shortly after the date of death, through estate settlement, and planning for the future, has been used successfully by dozens of widows since 1998.

Due to the vulnerability that accompanies waves of grief during the first year or so, a surviving spouse is often at the mercy of uncertainty and circumstance. Each step in the program methodically builds upon the one before. This process allows a surviving spouse to move at their own speed, developing even greater clarity, competence and confidence along the way.

The Widow’s Bridge process is outlined in a helpful book created to be a ready reference for anyone facing the loss of a spouse or who has recently experienced that loss. For complete details regarding the Widow’s Bridge, please Contact Us for your copy.

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