Estate Settlement Plan

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Δ Estate Settlement
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Settling an estate has been known to tear a family apart. Grief, pre-conceived ideas and the unfamiliar rules of estate transfer rarely experienced by anyone more than once in a lifetime create a breeding ground for misunderstanding and resentment.

Created specifically to guide and assist those facing this complicated life event, the Estate Settlement Plan™, is a complete service. It encompasses all matters regarding the final affairs of the parents from shortly after the date of death to the closure of the estate.

Many heirs, facing life transitions of their own due to their inheritances, choose to also take advantage of the Superplan® program to protect and build their family wealth.

Superior Planning Plans and Programs provide unbiased advice and implementation services for a mutually agreed upon fixed-price. Unlike most financial advisors, there is never an obligation to buy or invest in any other financial products or services. For more information, or to discuss how one of our Plans or Programs may work for you, please Contact Us directly.