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Wisdom is putting a process between opportunity and decision.

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By its very nature, your family wealth journey is constantly changing.  Therefore, knowing where you are, and having an organized team of collaborating advisors are both essential.

However, without a plan for getting results, the likelihood of realizing your goals is diminished.  Certain fundamental elements exist within each life transition that require a family’s full attention to make good decisions.

Since 1982, assisting hundreds of families over the years, Superior Planning has developed and refined a series of proprietary Plans and Programs to meet the challenges and issues that families encounter on their journey.



Δ Lifetime Income
Δ Risk Management
Δ Tax Reduction

SuperPlanLongDesigned specifically for the family with sustained financial independence in mind, the Superplan® is the most comprehensive and practical Family Wealth and Relationship Management program available anywhere.

From the introductory meeting, through decades of planning, implementation and adaptation, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of making informed, timely financial decisions. With the assistance of our dedicated staff, the program assures that every major cash flow, portfolio and legacy issues is addressed. Such clarity, context and confidence lead to the best possible alternative solutions, decisions and outcomes.



Δ Family Governance
Δ Health and Well Being
Δ Asset Preservation

FamilyOfficeLongOnce available only to the super-rich, the Family Office Program™, including a Family Legacy Plan™, brings affordable organization and centralized administration to family wealth oversight.

Sustaining family wealth in a congenial, healthy manner is a challenging mission. As is family wealth transfer. The complex issues facing the affluent family today call for an orderly management of the issues and the experts who serve the family.

The program includes regularly scheduled meetings with customized agendas that focus on addressing the matters at hand. Doing so keeps a family on track, and on top of whatever is necessary for them to realize their vision of the future.



Δ Personal Independence
Δ Estate Settlement
Δ Asset Transfer

WidowsBridgeLongThe first of its kind, the Widow’s Bridge® program provides a definitive, emotional and financial path and plan for a surviving spouse to make the transition to a new life.

This eight step, two year process, from shortly after the date of death, through estate settlement, and planning for the future, has been used successfully by dozens of widows since 1998.

Due to the vulnerability that accompanies waves of grief during the first year or so, a surviving spouse is often at the mercy of uncertainty and circumstance. Each step in the program methodically builds upon the one before. This process allows a surviving spouse to move at their own speed, developing even greater clarity, competence and confidence along the way.



Δ Family Legacy
Δ Estate Settlement
Δ Lifestyle Adjustment

EstateSettlementLongSettling an estate has been known to tear a family apart. Grief, pre-conceived ideas and the unfamiliar rules of estate transfer rarely experienced by anyone more than once in a lifetime create a breeding ground for misunderstanding and resentment.

Created specifically to guide and assist those facing this complicated life event, the Estate Settlement Plan™ is a complete service. It encompasses all matters regarding the final affairs of the parents from shortly after the date of death to the closure of the estate.

Many heirs, facing life transitions of their own due to their inheritances, choose to also take advantage of the Superplan® program to protect and build their family wealth.



Δ Family Time
Δ Lifestyle Income
Δ Asset Accumulation

WealthMgmtLongSuccessful wealth accumulation is usually the result of personal responsibility and discipline. The Wealth Management Program™ is designed with the accumulator in mind.

This structured process is the very foundation for asset growth and protection today and in the future. Around this program, which includes a Family Wealth Audit™ and Master Investment Policy™, all other plans and programs are built.

Once established, this core competency enables a family to focus on and enrich their values, vision and goals. Even the longest journey begins with a single step. The Wealth Management Program™ provides all a family needs to get off on the right foot.

Superior Planning Plans and Programs provide unbiased advice and implementation services for a mutually agreed upon fixed-price. Unlike most financial advisors, there is never an obligation to buy or invest in any other financial products or services. For more information, or to discuss how one of our Plans or Programs  may work for you, please Contact Us  directly.