Benefits for Advisors





Family Office Model

In today’s complex world of multiple specialized advisors, coordinating an advisory team is more difficult and confusing than ever. Most families would not think of acting as a “General Contractor” when building a house. However, most family leaders still interface alone with each advisory team member in building their family wealth future.

Until recently, such advisory coordination on behalf of the family was only available to those families who could afford a family office staff dedicated to the task. Superior Planning is a pioneer in the new arena of providing families with family office aggregation, oversight, synchronization and facilitation at an affordable price, all the while utilizing the family’s existing advisory team members.

A “family office” is not a replacement for productive advisors and long term trusted relationships.  On the contrary, it is an enhancement that liberates these highly effective specialists to focus upon their areas of specialization, while collaborating and being even more productive than when working alone.

At first glance, adding another advisor, or family office, may appear to be adding an unnecessary layer of complexity. However, the family dynamics and intricacies of today’s multimillion dollar estates call for a deeper focus on advisors’ area of specialization. An effective, affordable family office, not only benefits the family (see Benefits for Families) but also can eliminate dangers and create opportunities for each and every member of the advisory team. A few of these opportunities include:  

Greater Focus – Knowing that a family office understands and appreciates each specialist’s role, gives the specialist the confidence to know that their issues and concerns are being integrated in the plan allowing them to concentrate on their area of specialization.

Less Risk – Concentrating on their area of specialty, rather than being held responsible for coordinating other team members, reduces exposure to liabilities they may not want or do not have covered by insurance.

Ease of Execution – An experienced family office team, capable of communicating with the family and all the various specialists, facilitates efficient and effective plan implementation with more certainty and less second guessing.

Better Results – A synchronized team of specialists builds upon the individual strengths of the others. Such synergy has proven to be the most efficient effective method available to solve complex problems and develop creative alternatives; often leading to additional work on behalf of the family.

More Fun – Specialists tell us they like doing things this way. It gives them a sense of contribution that can only come from doing what they know best in concert with other focused professionals.

Having a strategic ally, a firm made up of dedicated, experienced professionals, working closely together to keep you informed and support your efforts on behalf of the family is a new, easier and more productive way to plan, implement and achieve desired results.