Getting Started

Superior Planning’s Mission: To Enrich the Lives of Each Family We Serve.



We meet to begin to get to know each other and identify our common ground.  If we both see the potential for a valuable relationship you may request a proposal tailored for your family.



Together we collect enough information about each other to determine the scope of what you want and need, and what we can provide for you. Here we discuss mutual concerns, value, price and expectations.



We clarify each other’s expectations, formalize the relationship, roll up our sleeves and move forward with the process to realizing your vision.

Superior Planning Plans and Programs provide unbiased advice and implementation services for a mutually agreed upon fixed-price. Unlike most financial advisors, there is never an obligation to buy or invest in any other financial products or services. For more information, or to discuss how one of our Plans and Programs may work for you, please Contact Us directly.